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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic health physical therapy is a specialized area of treatment that focuses on conditions directly related to the pelvis and pelvic organs in women, men, adolescents, and children of all ages + activity levels.

The treatment is non-invasive and designed to address the important and unique needs of pelvic health and wellness.

Each patient will receive a comprehensive one-on-one evaluation and treatment session(s), tailored to meet their individual needs, in a private treatment room.

Providing Expert Care

dr amy pannulloDr. Amy Pannullo is a Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist who provides expert physical therapy services for women, men and children for a variety of pelvic health issues. Dr. Pannullo has received extensive training in pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary and bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain, and pregnancy and post-partum management. She also has extensive experience in the treatment of breast and gynecological oncology conditions, such as lymphedema and scar site restrictions.

She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University located in Stony Brook, New York in 2005. She then earned her Board Certification as a Women’s Health Specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2009. Dr. Pannullo served as part of a multidimensional team at Duke Health for 13 years before starting her own practice. Prior to her career as a physical therapist, Dr. Pannullo worked as a certified athletic trainer with both high school and collegiate athletes. In between these two career paths, she earned a Master’s in Psychology from Washington College; a degree she finds invaluable today.

She is an active member of her professional organization at both the state (North Carolina Physical Therapy Association) and national (American Physical Therapy Association) levels. She has served on the Section of Women’s Health (SoWH) Board of Directors, the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) Women’s Health Specialty Council, and various committees.

Dr. Pannullo has been a presenter for the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association, a guest lecturer and teaching assistant for Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs in the area, and a residency mentor for Duke Women’s Health Residency Program. She is the founder and owner of Peak Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.

She is an avid runner and health enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and dog.


“I had no idea pelvic floor specialists even existed before. I spent over ten years in pain and tried everything ever recommended by different doctors, including surgery to “fix” the problem. I had reservations about the entire idea because of previous trauma which left me with PTSD and made any type of touch difficult to tolerate. Dr. Amy was extremely understanding, patient and always checking to make sure I was ok. I will admit I was VERY skeptical of what she could actually do to help but the improvement I have had is nothing short of remarkable! I never thought I would be pain free for any amount of time let alone be able to have sex without pain! I am so incredibly grateful for all of her help! Best money I have ever spent by far! I can never thank her enough!”
– Callie

“After almost 2 years of seeing Gastroenterologists and Colorectal specialists I was still in pain and very despondent. We recently moved to Raleigh, and when searching “Pelvic” pain specialists I came upon Amy. At the very first meeting she diagnosed my issue and claimed she could fix it. (I had heard that several times before). I am writing this 5 weeks later and it is predominately fixed!! Unbelievable. Amy is a true professional and I highly recommend her.”
– Walter K

“I met Dr. Pannullo three years ago through a mutual colleague, which led to us working alongside each other. During our time together, I witnessed Dr. Pannullo always put her patients’ needs first, spending the time necessary for them to felt heard and comfortable. She has a great bedside manner and focuses on the details of each individual patient’s symptoms, never placing someone in a box or giving them a protocol. As a past Women’s Health Residency Mentor, Dr. Pannullo is continuously reading the updated literature so she can provide the best quality care to her patients, and she truly knows how to educate about the various topics in pelvic health. She has built a community in North Carolina and that is what makes her so successful. Dr. Pannullo was an amazing mentor to me for the time we had together; she always brought insight and challenged my thought process, pushing me to be my best clinician. I miss having her next to me in clinic, but I know she is making a real difference taking care of her community. I full heartedly recommend anybody and everybody to see her for pelvic health physical therapy, I have even referred some of my own patients to see her. You will see the value of her expertise within the first appointment.”
– Dr. Jillian Meyer, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA, Cert DN

“First let me start off by saying I’ve been treated by four different pelvic floor physical therapists since the Fall of 2012. By now I’ve learned a few things including what techniques and treatments help me and those that don’t. Of the four different physical therapists, hands down, Dr. Amy was and still is the best for ME! She didn’t ever give up on me and all the difficulties I was and have faced. She listened to my concerns and gave me the best possible treatment. She knew my ‘insides’ better than my GYN! She would always identify the muscle she was working on for my benefit. I was able to identify them myself when I worked with other therapists. She worked closely with my medical doctors as well. She assisted me with insurance hurdles to get support items covered. Basically, what I am trying to say is that you couldn’t want a better pelvic floor therapist!” – LaKisha

“I cannot thank Dr. Amy enough for all the time, patience and encouragement she has provided. She always listens to my concerns and thoroughly explains how we will address them. We set goals and check in with those goals on each visit. I would not trust my condition to anyone else.” – Angela

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